Clinical Governance is the keystone of an excellent clinical experience for the patient. However this requires structures, policies and procedures to ensure it is soundly based. About Health ensures these are in place and understood through regular clinical governance meetings for all clinicians, supported by operational management staff. Local trust consultant input is sought in addition to About Health Medical Director.

We seek local forums to bring together local clinical providers and commissioner to resolve problems and identify common opportunities to improve patient care. We have found this the most productive use of clinical time to avoid misunderstanding and problems.

We work closely with local teaching practices and General Practice Deanery to offer experience and training to those local GPs and Trainees who wish to broaden their expertise or seek Specialist Interest qualification.

Clinical involvement is present in our service from patient consultations to board discussions, contributing to a flat organisational structure. We encourage and promote clinical interaction and mentorship amongst our sites to solve problems and identify opportunities using visits or meetings with other sites.

Robust credentialing is used alongside clinical supervision to identify and address any potential clinician issues or service opportunities.

We have robust structures to speedily identify and report significant events and actions to resolve any issues arising. These are discussed at local Clinical Governance meetings and About Health Board meetings.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our models of clinical care. This involves close working or integration with secondary care clinicians to address arbitrary clinical boundaries between care settings, availability of investigation and access to clinicians.